Purchase this Large Gilbert Home from HUD.
 This 5 Bedroom Phoenix Home is listed for sale at only $35,000!
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A $103k DEAL!!
This 3 bedroom townhome  sold for $114,500 in 2006. HUD currently has it listed for sale at only $11,000!  Email us for more info!

What Is A HUD Home? -- It can be a single family home, a townhouse, condominium or other any other type of residence. The properties were deeded to HUD/FHA by mortgage companies who had foreclosed on FHA-insured mortgage loans. Now HUD must sell these homes, as quickly as possible, in order to obtain the maximum financial return on its mortgage insurance funds.

Who Can Buy A HUD Home? -- Anyone who has the money or can obtain financing can purchase a HUD home. You do not have to be low-income or meet any requirements. We work with a team of mortgage companies which specialize in loans for HUD properties. For most HUD purchases, the government will pay the majority of your closing costs and even a 1-year home warranty. Once you find a home, We'll submit your bid to the government and keep you posted throughout the entire process.

Can Investors Purchase HUD Homes? -- Yes. We work with a number of investors -- local and many from out of state.

How Do I Obtain A List Of HUD Homes Available? -- Each week the government comes out with a new list of homes currently available for bidding. Please contact us by e-mail so that we may answer any additional questions you may have, and to also provide you with a current list, which also includes photos.

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